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Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne
Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne

Festung Boulogne


Festung Boulogne

Brief introduction
The project Fortress Boulogne is intended for those interested in military history to be a reconstruction of the German Fortress Boulogne. The French town of Boulogne-sur-Mer with its harbour and surrounding area was in the Second World War a major element in the German coastal defence. It obtained as part of the defensive structure Atlantic Wall the military status of Fortress (Festung in German)
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Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne
Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne



he book is trying to paint a picture of the various events and aspects regarding the fortress, with special emphasis on the role of the individual in the defence. The fruit of extensive archival and field research is supplemented by many photographs not previously published.
The book tries to explain the military structure and different stages of construction for the three armed services. Various aspects of the defence are described in great detail to give a better picture of the never completed fortress. In addition to this constructive part, a comprehensive overview is given of various Allied military operations. Especially Operation Wellhit, which was the factual destruction of the fortress. The preparations for this and the final battles are described in great detail.
Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne

398 pages bound

A4 Formaat


49,50 Euro (ex verz.)

Dutch language

Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne


Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne


would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support. For the book, I would like to mention once again the name of Hans Houterman. Thanks to his efforts, the book is significantly improved. For the extensive field research thanks to Ruud Murk and Dirk Peters and his team.

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Atlantikwall, Festung Boulogne
History & Battle
Great Map
Unique pictures

To produce a clear overvieuw  from the German pillboxes in combination with other defenceworks,  the choice was made to reconstruct the Fortress Boulogne . This by producing a map.  This map will be online and can be updated.  Please click on the link to see this map. On the backside of the book is a German map with the Fortress Boulogne, this helps to navigate on the webmap.

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